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About our Store

Explore BACK to BASICS  store wide holistic solutions... A combination of top quality products along with our  knowledgeable , friendly, veteran staff await to solve your health challenges.



Health concerns? Tired of drugs? Explore our natural solutions supplement department where we provide vitamin, herbal and homeopathic options for your health challenges. Our biggest advantage - we use them and can provide knowledgeable answers to your questions. From CBD Oil  to probiotics, we provide natural remedies for sleep, stress, pain, inflammation and beyond. Offering private label supplements and a multitude of quality companies.


Body Care

Step into our beautifying BODY CARE department for head to toe pampering! Commence with EWG ( Environmental Working Group ) approved shampoos and conditioners to our trusted lines of facial care, Dr. Hauschka and Derma E, for balancing, age defying, restoring, radiant skin. Wishing to look even more younger-ful? Back to Basics offers the complete line of Mineral Fusion cosmetics ... outstanding customer approval!

Complement your beauty with our 100% pure aromatherapy ESSENTIAL OILS  for you to test, explore and delight in! Health benefits are ancient - variety endless!

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Time for an Oil Change

Discover the health benefits and the exceptional taste of ultra premium extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegars. Our ultra premium EVOOs are labeled with the crush date and the chemistry of polyphenols, peroxide levels, etc. They are also assessed for fruitiness, bitterness, and pungency. Our exceptional 25 year aged balsamic vinegars bring extraordinary tastes to your deserving palate. Free sampling daily!!

                                                      Time for oil change


Go Local with our wide variety of locally grown and made products. From eggs, honey, and bone broth to cleaning products and baked goods, we strive to support local farmers and artisans.

Our local purveyors include:

Roger 's Honey,  Warwick

R.I. Maple Syrup, Coventry

Avonaise,  (avocado mayonnaise)  Warren

Pat's Pastured  Eggs and Meats, East Greenwich

Wild Harmony Farm - Organic Eggs & Meat, Exeter

Netti's Kettle Popcorn, North Providence

Lily's Garden Cleaning Products, South Kingstown

Lily's Ladle Bone Broths, East Greenwich

A & J Bakery - Baked Gluten Free Goods, Cranston

Seriously Good - Fiber Enriched Ice Cream, Warwick

Chef Walter's Pasta Sauces, Providence

Barrett's Garden Vegan Cheese, Warren


Environmental  Cleaning  

Are you bothered by chemical laden cleaning products? Are you looking for natural scented or fragrance free, hypoallergenic cleaners that are effective and also environmentally friendly? Look no further. Enjoy our environmentally friendly HOUSEHOLD CLEANING PRODUCTS and get the best of both worlds.

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Pet Solutions

And let's not forget about our furry friends when it comes to their health and well-being . Your pets will love you even more when you bring home great tasting pet treats and clean, wholesome foods for them. Scamper into our PET PRODUCTS SECTION and discover the purrfect  way to feed and nourish man's best friend and cats too!

                                                      Pet Solutions

Kids Corner

Shopping with the little ones? Taylor says, "I love shopping at Back to Basics. They have 3 shopping carts that I can help Mom & Dad fill up with healthy foods for me. I like to play with the stuffed animals, read a book or color with the crayons they have for me to use. I never thought shopping would be so fun, especially when I raced my cart down the freezer isle, only kidding Grandpa."