What essential oils are best for summer?


What essential oils are best for summer?

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Are you seeking the top essential oils to alleviate the effects of high temperatures during the summer? Essential oils provide a natural way to cool down and relieve discomfort caused by the hot weather, especially for those who enjoy aromatherapy. This blog post presents a compilation of the most suitable essential oils for the summer season, ranging from revitalizing mixtures to soothing fragrances. Whether you prefer invigorating or calming scents, you will find something beneficial here. Continue reading to explore the best essential oils for the summer season.


Keep a bottle of peppermint oil with you on hot days. The menthol in peppermint can provide a cooling sensation to the body, similar to a fan. Just mix peppermint oil with distilled water or witch hazel and put it in your beach bag. Whenever you feel hot, simply spray it on your neck, chest, or torso for an instant cooling effect.


If you’re feeling too hot to go outside, try diffusing lemon oil to uplift your mood. You can also blend lemon, lavender, and cypress oils for an energizing summer scent. Lemon oil can help with household chores and can brighten your skin if added to your skincare routine. Additionally, it’s effective at removing stains and leftover debris from summer activities.


Lavender is great for helping you relax after a long day due to its calming scent. During summer when bedtime routines may be disrupted, you can use a lavender diffuser to calm everyone down. Alternatively, you can create a personalized essential oil roller blend containing lavender to encourage a healthy sleep routine.

Tea Tree

During summer, swimming in pools or oceans is a favorite activity. However, chlorine and saltwater can damage your hair. To restore your hair’s health and remove build-up, use a Cleansing Hair Rinse with Tea Tree. Tea Tree is also beneficial for minor scrapes and cleansing your skin.


Stay fresh and dry all summer long with this Natural Solid Deodorant recipe featuring Lemongrass, perfect for hot weather. It is free of toxic ingredients and has been tested and developed specifically for use in the hot Texas climate. Additionally, Lemongrass is a great choice for repelling outdoor bugs, so you can also make a spray for yourself and your pets.